COUNSELLING in Norwich, Norfolk

How can counselling help me?

Sometimes you may need things to change but don't know where to start...


There are many reasons why people consider counselling, each situation being individual and personal to them.  I will work together with you to understand your unique situation, find ways to overcome difficulties and enable you to move forward in your life.  I will not criticise or judge you, but work with you to understand your thoughts, feelings and actions.   Counselling can bring up uncomfortable thoughts and emotions from the past and present but I will be there to support you and offer a place to express those emotions safely as it not unusual for people to experience tears during sessions.


I am experienced in helping people in counselling with a variety of difficulties including:



Anxiety and stress

Bereavement and loss

Health related issues

Relationship, couples and marriage counselling

Marriage MOT

Anger management


Personal crisis


Post-natal depression (PND)

Domestic violence

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Family conflict

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

Phobias, fears and addictions

Miscarriage and stillbirth

Termination of pregnancy, abortion

Fertility issues, IVF

Low confidence and self-esteem

Childhood experiences

Work related issues, employee counselling

Return to work and mediation

Emotional and sexual abuse

Separation and divorce

I am also experienced in providing counselling to children and teenagers.


Counselling sessions last for one hour and it is a time for you to talk and be listened to, so together we can work towards understanding and promote change in your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.  I tailor my approach to your individual needs and situation.  Sessions are usually weekly initially, but not always, and I will work towards longer times between sessions.


I focus on creating a working counselling relationship that is conversational, encouraging, supportive and solution-focused, helping you to explore your unique situation and find a solution that suits you.  


Counselling offers a safe space to explore your emotions and make sense of your feelings during difficult times, so that together we can explore ways to achieve a positive outcome or come to terms with your situation.


Counselling provides people with an opportunity to speak to someone outside of their immediate circle of family and friends.  As a therapist I work in partnership with clients to gain understanding and enable change.  Sometimes I may question your thoughts but I will not judge you, I will work with you to understand your situation.


If you feel that counselling could help you please call me to discuss your situation and arrange an appointment if you wish to.

How Long Is the Counselling Process?

Everyone's situation is individual and unique to them.  Some clients are able to resolve their issues quickly and may only have a few sessions.  Others come for longer periods of time, depending on their situation.  Weekly sessions are usually agreed to begin with, but not always, as you are in control of how often you come to see me.  I work mainly during the day but some evening appointments are available.